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What People Are Saying About Orange Couch


Orange Couch has been a great experience for my after school kids! I have two middle schools and one elementary school and all are part of the Orange Couch Program.

When I think of Orange Couch the first thing that comes to mind is the excitement in the kids eyes. The middle school students really enjoy the painting projects and the elementary students love their art kits! All the students enjoy personalizing their art kits and making them their own.

Secondly, I see the excitement when they talk about what they have created. Many of the students are not shy and are eager to stand up and tell their friends about their artwork. I believe this helps children in many ways because it helps develop their confidence and “creative courage”! The students enjoy creating art that is free and what they want it to be and with this the lessons encourage individualism and self esteem.

Another great part of Orange Couch is Paul! The kids really identify with him and he is awesome at engaging the kids. It is refreshing to hear the kids laugh at some of the comments that Paul makes or just his delivery of the lesson.

Lastly, from a teacher/staff view point having the art kit makes it easy to run a 10 week lesson with all you need included and right there in their box. Another thought is that very little training is needed for staff because the program is video based.

Orange Couch is a great program and one that brings a smile to all involved!
-21st Century Site Coordinator, Newark City Schools, Newark OH